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A Scrapbook of Memories

Scrapbooks are wonderful keepers of memories and history and we have several amazing ones in the Archives.  I recently came across one, once owned by a young man named Julian Clinton Aycock who served at the start of World War II. Julian was born in Memphis on Feb. 10, 1918 to Clinton E. Aycock and Minnie Meadows. His parents divorced when Julian was about six, … Continue reading A Scrapbook of Memories

Don’t judge a book by it’s cover

One of my favorite artifacts in the Tipton County Museum is a Nazi flag. Yes, you read that right… A 5.5′ x 3.5′ Reichskriegsflagge  –  a German Imperial War Flag. But no, it’s probably not for the reason you may be thinking of. Many people when they come into the Museum, steer clear of the flag. They seem to be afraid of it and they … Continue reading Don’t judge a book by it’s cover

The need to laugh… America’s first comic strip

At the turn of the century, life was getting a bit easier. Gone were the frontier days. Cars had been invented, electricity was becoming more common, and telephones were just about used everywhere. Just having won the Spanish-American War, America had established itself as a world power and it’s cities reflected the diverse influx of peoples. Folks had a different kind of humor back in … Continue reading The need to laugh… America’s first comic strip